Jan 012012

FLY LONDON Gaia are available in the following colours and variations: Purple.

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FLY LONDON Gaia Purple

FLY LONDON Gaia are classic wedge sandals for women with 1 inch platform and 3.2 inch cork wedge heels.

Gaia, like almost all FLY LONDON shoes, are renowned for their comfort - despite their remarkable heel height! There's no wobbling or anything, you can wear these womens sandals for hours on end with ease.

Note that, having the platform, the net lift for your heel is only about 2.5 inch, meaning that there is relatively little weight transfer onto toes and ball of the foot, keeping your spine and your feet in shape and healthy!

FLY LONDON Gaia feature a classic outside buckle fastening, a rosed top, and a wide open design all around. Of course, these platform heels are made of genuine leather.

These wedge sandals go well with skirt and jeans alike. They lend you height and grace, without attracting too much attention. Perfect understatement summer sandals for women!

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