FLY London Fum are available in the following colours and variations: Black, Indigo, Light Brown, Light Plumred, Lilac, Raspberry, Red, Steelblue.

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FLY London Fum Black
FLY London Fum Indigo
FLY London Fum Light Brown
Light Brown
FLY London Fum Light Plumred
Light Plumred
FLY London Fum Lilac
FLY London Fum Raspberry
FLY London Fum Red
FLY London Fum Steelblue

FLY London Fum are slip on ballet or ballerina style womens loafers with flat heels.

Fum feature decorative one-hole laces on top of the tongue. This is ideal to give these loafers for women your personal touch: Just swap the laces for some flashy-coloured ones, and be amazed by the difference this makes! You can wear different Fum FLY shoes every day.

FLY London Fum are ladies loafers made of soft genuine leather with a rubber sole.

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