Nov 252011

FLY LONDON Feller are available in the following colours and variations: Beige - Black, Black, Black - Piombo, Cuoio - Dark Brown, Red - Piombo.

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FLY LONDON Feller Beige - Black
Beige - Black
FLY LONDON Feller Black
FLY LONDON Feller Black - Piombo
Black - Piombo
FLY LONDON Feller Cuoio - Dark Brown
Cuoio - Dark Brown
FLY LONDON Feller Red - Piombo
Red - Piombo

FLY LONDON Feller are elegant and conspicuous mixed material mixed colour womens pull on flat spectator ankle boots.

Feller are flat boots with three colours and two materials (in addition to the manmade sole): The front and base of these womens boots is entirely genuine leather, and the rear part above the heel is mesh textile on both sides with an about 1 inch wide leather strap at the rear center.

The front that covers the toes is made of genuine leather in a nice contrasting colour to the body of the boot, and the mesh textile at the rear is in another contrasting colour.

This material and colour mix, plus the shape of these ankle boots and the flat heels lend enormous elegance and "eye-catching factor" to FLY LONDON Feller.

If you want to consciously impress with your selection of womens footwear and you can wear flat boots then FLY LONDON Feller may not be missing in your shoe room! - Unfortunately, I myself can't wear flat boots.

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