Nov 252011

FLY LONDON Fearless are available in the following colours and variations: Military, Purple, Wine.

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FLY LONDON Fearless Military
FLY LONDON Fearless Purple
FLY LONDON Fearless Winered

FLY LONDON Fearless are conspicuous ladies low mid calf boots with 2 inch kitten heels.

Fearless aren't really mid calf boots because they end where the calfs start, but "low calf boots" isn't a common term.

FLY LONDON Fearless feature a full length inside zip, the top of the boot leg is ruched, and about 6 inch below the top runs a 1 inch wide decorative leather strap all around the boot leg.

The ruched top and the kitten heels lend these ladies leather boots that special look! When you wear Fearless with a skirt they are eye-catching, when you wear them below trousers they are rather discreet. And from the distance, FLY LONDON Fearless look a bit as if you wear slip on shoes with stockings of matching colour. Nonetheless, the entire boot is genuine leather. So, really quite some remarkable ladies boots!

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