Nov 232011

FLY LONDON Fan are available in the following colours and variations: Black, Military - Grey, Red - Dark Brown.

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FLY LONDON Fan Military - Grey
Military - Grey
FLY LONDON Fan Red - Dark Brown
Red - Dark Brown

FLY LONDON Fan are mukluks-style womens pull on mid calf flat boots with just 0.2 inch flat heels.

Fan are made of mixed material, a leather-textile mix (and the sole being rubber). Genuine leather over the arch of the foot, at the rear, and low on the sides. Textile from the sides right up to the top of the boot leg of these mid calf boots.

FLY LONDON Fan are light bi-coloured boots, one colour being genuine leather, the other being the colour of the textile.

FLY LONDON Fan are a bit unpractical: Certainly they are warm and you can wear layers of stockings, but the textile reaching so low down to the foot means that these unusual womens boots can get dirty and wet quite quickly.

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