Nov 202011

FLY LONDON Fab are available in the following colours and variations: Anthracite, Black, Camel, Dark Brown, Greybrown.

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FLY LONDON Fab Anthracite
FLY LONDON Fab Dark Brown
Dark Brown
FLY LONDON Fab Greybrown

FLY LONDON Fab are fashionable womens pull on biker-style slouch leather knee high boots with 2.2 inch block heels.

Let's face it: Fab slouch boots are somewhat unpractical - like all pull on knee high boots - but they are georgeous too!

To be fair, FLY LONDON Fab are not as difficult to get on and off as other knee high boots, because these biker style womens boots don't go up too high - on our younger daughter's legs they end way below the knee. Still, what would she do without us!? How often does she ask one of her brothers, me, or my husband to help her getting these Fab (fabulous) boots off! That's still an exercise.

Apart from that, FLY LONDON Fab are truly fabulous indeed. Gosh, look they cool! The shape with the toes up, the block heels that add to the comfort, the slouched soft leather, the studs around the lower part of the boot leg, the over-reaching flaps left and right at the top of the boot leg, the matching studs again, the small "stretch" pleat on the inside at the top, the sole with the FLY logo, the incredible quality of the build and the leather - everything is top notch about these "biker boots".

Though, they do need regular waterproofing (see Shoe Care) to keep the feet dry in wet weather. Like all untreated genuine leather, these FLY LONDON boots too will otherwise let water through. That's simply the nature of genuine leather. - So don't complain about this, get a waterproofer.

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