Oct 282011

FLY LONDON Cedys are available in the following colours and variations: Black, Black Suede, Camel, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Espresso Suede, Petrol, Purple, Taupe Suede.

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FLY LONDON Cedys Black
FLY LONDON Cedys Black Suede
Black Suede
FLY LONDON Cedys Camel
FLY LONDON Cedys Dark Brown
Dark Brown
FLY LONDON Cedys Dark Grey
Dark Grey
FLY LONDON Cedys Espresso Suede
Espresso Suede
FLY LONDON Cedys Petrol
FLY LONDON Cedys Purple
FLY LONDON Cedys Taupe Suede
Taupe Suede

FLY LONDON Cedys are casual womens lace up knee high boots with 1 inch platform and 4 inch wedge heels.

Cedys are lace up boots with additional full length curved inside zip reaching right down to the inner arch of the foot. The laces of these high heel boots stretch from the arch of the foot all the way up to the top of the boot leg. The flap below the laces reaches half an inch over the top of the boot leg, which avoids the often annoying "slipping down" of the flap that you get with other lace up boots.

FLY LONDON Cedys are wedge boots and platform boots. Cedys come in very soft genuine leather in a large variety of darker "winter" colours.

I have these FLY LONDON boots in black suede and I can confirm that, despite their heel height, FLY LONDON Cedys are exceptionally comfortable to wear! I don't wobble at all in these high heel boots, and I wear them even on day-long shopping trips so comfy they are.

Get these FLY boots and be amazed! Amazed by the quality, the comfort, and the looks of FLY LONDON boots.

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