Oct 282011

FLY LONDON Cass are available in the following colours and variations: Offwhite.

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FLY LONDON Cass Offwhite

FLY LONDON Cass are fashionable slip on womens shoes with 0.5 inch platform and 3 inch block heels.

Cass look almost like and feel a bit like Sandals Shoes, however these high heels are closed all around. The shape of the block heels and the nailed leather give FLY LONDON Cass this "one-of-a-kind" look!

I have these FLY shoes in white myself, and I love the look of them - and the looks they attract from others. However, clearly FLY LONDON Cass are not meant for long distances, they don't offer the same level of the famous FLY LONDON comfort that this brand's other models have to offer. I rather wear my Cass to parties and receptions.

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