Oct 222011

FLY LONDON Billi are available in the following colours and variations: Anthracite, Black, Grey Suede.

Click on any image below to see FLY LONDON Billi in detail and to try them on:

FLY LONDON Billi Anthracite
FLY LONDON Billi Black
FLY LONDON Billi Grey Suede
Grey Suede

FLY LONDON Billi in their early version reached over the knee for most women, hence they were thigh high wedge boots, however more recently for most women they seem to end just under the knee, making them knee high wedge boots. All FLY LONDON Billi have about 3.2 inch wedge heels, and the sole and heels are entirely a rubber mix.

Billi are superbly comfortable, so the real reason why these womens boots have not been as popular is that FLY LONDON Billi are pull on boots - which usually require more effort to get in and out than say boots with inside zip. This is all the more true for knee high boots reaching as high as Billi.

Note that some Billi models are genuine leather and some are suede leather (see details on each color page).

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