Oct 222011

FLY LONDON Bice are available in the following colours and variations: Green, Offwhite, Red.

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FLY LONDON Bice Offwhite

FLY LONDON Bice are unbelievably comfortable wide open slip on toe post sandals with 1 inch platform and 2.5 inch wedge heels.

These genuine leather womens sandals are perfect even for the hottest summer days, so much air they let in and out! And, you get a nice sun tan on your feet too - with an "Oh, what's that?" aha moment from others, induced by the pattern on your skin. Despite their height, walking in FLY LONDON Bice feels like floating through heaven's clouds!

Personally, I don't like the toe post between my toes, makes me nervous. But apart from this I love these wedge sandals! Since Bice are moderate platform sandals I found out that they are also perfect for the beach. The height of FLY LONDON Bice prevents too much sand getting under my feet, and still, they are not so high as to limiting a long walk along a long beach. I've had some romantic hours in my Bice!

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