Oct 102011

FLY LONDON Arava are available in the following colours and variations: Black, Blue, Bright Red, Steelblue, Yellow.

Click on any image below to see FLY LONDON Arava in detail and to try them on:

FLY LONDON Arava Black
FLY LONDON Arava Bright Red
Bright Red
FLY LONDON Arava Steelblue
FLY LONDON Arava Yellow

FLY LONDON Arava are popular womens slingback sandals with 2.5 inch stiletto heels. Arava come in genuine leather, and they feature a slingback with outside buckle fastening.

These FLY LONDON Sandals are exceptionally comfortable and very cool - ideal for warm summer days (and nights out!), and great for all inside events too. I have two pairs of FLY LONDON Arava and wear them frequently. Just last Saturday I took my blue Arava to a dinner party, and next day I was wearing my black Arava all day at a reception! Sunday evening, and my feet felt as fresh as if I had been sitting around all weekend!

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