FLY London Air are available in the following colours and variations: Dark Brown, Purple.

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FLY London Air Dark Brown
Dark Brown
FLY London Air Purple

FLY London Air are fashionable womens dress shoes with a diagonal flexible cross bar and moderate 2.5 inch stiletto heels. Despite the flexible diagonal cross bar Air are slip on shoes that demonstrate a true ladies shoes style. The available colours unfortunately are very limited, namely to dark colours.

The looks of FLY London Air seem to document the understatement of superior women. Although I should therefore have them too ;-) actually I don’t (yet). Strangely, my sister – who is not a business woman at all – has them, in Dark Brown. She wears Air with skirts (she never wears jeans anyway), and I must admit they do make her legs look slimmer, more graceful.

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