Oct 022011

FLY LONDON Abbie are available in the following colours and variations: Olive - Black, Purple - Yellow.

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FLY LONDON Abbie Olive - Black
Olive - Black
FLY LONDON Abbie Purple - Yellow
Purple - Yellow

FLY LONDON Abbie are elegant ladies Mary Janes and d'Orsay-style high heels sandals shoes with 3.25 inch block heels that make them incredibly comfortable to wear.

FLY LONDON Abbie look sooo cool that you are likely to get jealous remarks! From other women. The men will often just stare down on you! These FLY shoes feature a U-bar, meaning they are open on the top and both sides, so they let lots of air in.

Although the 3.25 inch heels theoretically make Abbie high heels, you don't really feel it that way since they are block heels positioned at an angle that gives unbelievable stability. Like most FLY LONDON shoes, Abbie of course come in genuine leather and have comfort ingrained.

I love my Abbie Purple Yellow! FLY LONDON Abbie have something magical: Although not everyone may find them stylish when just seeing a picture of them, when worn people really get excited: I've received countless "Ohh!"s and "Wow!"s (and "How sexy!") over the last half year or so since I got these ladies shoes online. Abbie are shoes for women who enjoy being looked at!

I preferably wear my Abbie with black or grey skirt. The U bar then really accentuates my feet. But FLY LONDON Abbie also look great with jeans. It seems that the U bar together with the block heels at an angle is what makes Abbie so stylish - and comfortable!

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